BotChain is the decentralized identity registry for autonomous AI agents. You can read about the motivations, goals and high-level architecture in the BotChain whitepaper.

BotChain Test Network

BotChain test network is available on the Ethereum Kovan test network. You can request early access to the platform here.

The objective of the BotChain test network launch is to offer a preliminary look at the BotChain Registry DApp and to gain valuable insights from the BotChain community.

The mission will serve as twofold:

  1. To educate the BotChain community on interacting with the BotChain Registry
  2. To build BotChain network and gather feedback to help guide us with product decisions

The main focus of the test network launch is on provisioning features that lay the foundation in building a truly decentralized and distributed system including :

  • BotChain Registry - dApp deployed in Kovan test network
  • BotChain Services
    • BotChain Registration Service
    • Curation Council Application

Please contact us for use cases and scenarios that you think a BotChain solution would be pertinent.

BotChain Registry

Check the Github repo for detailed documentation:

BotChain Services

As part of the BotChain test network launch, we are launching two services that help users get started with interacting with BotChain dApp.

  1. Registration Service
  2. Curation Council

Registration Service

BotChain Registration service provides a simple way for developers to register on BotChain. Its an example service that showcases how to interact with the BotChain smart contract via a simple website.

You can access the Registration Service here:

If you need help getting started check here:

Curation Council

Curation Council is an electron application that can be installed in your windows desktop, mac or linux OS. Using the Curation Council, you can access all the functionality of the BotChain Curation Council.

You can Install the Curation Council app from here: