BotChain Test Network - FAQs

What is the objective of BotChain test network launch?

The objective of the BotChain test network launch is to offer a preliminary look at the BotChain Registry DApp and to gain valuable insights from the BotChain community.

The mission will serve as twofold:

  1. To educate the BotChain community on interacting with the BotChain Registry
  2. To build BotChain network and gather feedback to help guide us with product decisions

What is included in BotChain test network launch?

The initial focus is on provisioning features that lay the foundation in building a truly decentralized and distributed system including :

  • BotChain Registry - dApp deployed in Kovan test network
  • BotChain Services
    • BotChain Registration Service
    • BotChain Curation Council Application

What is the BotChain Registry?

BotChain Registry serves as a decentralized and universally accessible whitelist for all accredited Bot/AI Developers, Bot/AIProducts.

BotChain Registry is a smart contract implementation on the Ethereum blockchain which stores developers, products(a.k.a. AI products) validated by other BOTC holders. BotChain Registry is one of the early public implementations of a Token Curated Registry. BOTC holders will access a token-weighted voting mechanism through the Curation Council interface to vote on whether a developer or AI product can be added to the BotChain registry.

BotChain Registry would be running in the Kovan test network of Ethereum.

What are BotChain Services?

BotChain Services are applications that you build on top of the core BotChain dAPP. In the test launch we are launching a couple of basic services that help interacting with the BotChain dApp.

BotChain Registration Service

BotChain Registration service provides a simple way for developers to register on BotChain.

Curation Council Application

Curation Council app is an electron application to access all functionality of the BotChain Curation Council. The functionalities include - stake/unstake, vote, rewards and wallet functionality.

How do i get access to the BotChain Test Network?

Please sign up here to get started.

What are the types of developers/partners are you looking to participate in the BotChain Ecosystem?

Bot/AI Developer

  • You are a platform or developer of autonomous bots, skills or services
  • You appreciate what universal identification and validation means for trust and communication
  • You are motivated to integrate and incorporate the value of blockchain into your offering
  • You appreciate the potential market value of being BotChain certified: your AI is transparent, trusted and registered

Services Developer

  • Your customers have autonomous business processes, workflows or tools which interact with your software and services
  • You are actively engaged in developing marketplace solutions around blockchain
  • Your customers have compliance, auditing and internal measurement requirements that should also apply to any autonomous software or business workflows
  • You are motivated to participate in and help grow the world of AI

Hosting a Node

  • You want to contribute to the BotChain ecosystem and are willing to host a node server
  • You appreciate the potential market value of being part of the BotChain ecosystem
  • You appreciate the value of only allowing ecosystem validated and qualified developers on the platform


  • You are interested to explore how botchain can help within you enterprise
  • You are from a enterprise consulting company and would like to explore the BotChain offering
  • You appreciate how definition of standards and industry protocols can cause increased awareness and opportunity

I have further questions, How do I get in touch with the BotChain team?

You can email at [email protected]