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Today, the BotChain partner reach spans more than 50,000 developers. Learn more on joining us below.

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Who We Partner With

Bot or AI Developers and Companies

  • You are a platform or developer of autonomous bots, skills or services
  • You appreciate what universal identification and validation means for trust and communication
  • You are motivated to integrate and incorporate the value of blockchain into your offering
  • You appreciate the potential market value of being BotChain certified: your AI is transparent, trusted and registered
  • You are interested in hosting or developing BotChain platform services and earning
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Software Companies

  • Your customers have autonomous business processes, workflows or tools which interact with your software and services
  • You are actively engaged in developing marketplace solutions around blockchain
  • Your customers have compliance, auditing and internal measurement requirements that should also apply to any autonomous software or business workflows
  • You are motivated to participate in and help grow the world of AI
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Communication Platforms

  • You are a platform for consumer or enterprise communication amongst users and user groups
  • You already provide or are considering providing a framework for autonomous bot creation and activity on your platform
  • You are intrigued by the acceleration of developers on platform by adoption of standards
  • You appreciate the value of only allowing ecosystem validated and qualified developers on your platform
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Enterprise Consulting

  • You are an advisory firm helping corporations install, develop, operate and/or audit autonomous agents and business processes
  • You value software and technology which lends itself to your creating services and business value on top
  • You realize the increasing demand and opportunity that exists around automated workflows including intelligent communication bots, robotic process automation and supply chain automation
  • You appreciate how definition of standards and industry protocols can cause increased awareness and opportunity
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BotChain’s Current Partners Represent


50,000 +

Enterprise and Consumer Facing Bots

150,000 +

End Users

400 million

Monthly Interactions

4 billion

Our Goal

BotChain’s open-sourced code allows for development of new services and transparent crypto earning, benefiting everyone on the network. Our partners are pivotal for the transformation needed across the industry to bring A.I. products to more widespread, trusted deployments.

Committed Network Partners

Zoom ai
Passage ai

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